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Thank you for logging on to yet enjoy more "reading", you are truly an adult student when you have logged on to read more reading on top of everything else your college or university throws at you. Here I am hopeful that we will be able to help alleviate some of the stress you will incur or are in the midst of currently. This is a place where those furthering their academic careers may come and chat with each other - almost like getting away to a nice cafe'. So, grab a cup of your favorite drink and let's just chat about things that go on in our lives as adult learners who are students. We Rock!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Taking Care of Me

Okay, been off the scene for a minute~taking care of me. When is the last time you gave yourself permission to take a day off work, or go for a nice long drive, better yet, take yourself out to a nice dinner? When?? Well, let me assist you - right now, I want you to pick up your planners, PDA, computer etcetra, to set aside some time for yourself! This is an order! Many of us are running around working too many hours, eating junk food calling it food, sleeping less than is healthy, and neglecting ourselves on every front. It's time to stop being so mean to yourselves, and start being nice ~ you deserve it! So, I have taken just a bit of time to myself to hang out with my family, grab some good food and watch some fun movies. I'm taking care of me.

This time I will end on a short note, because I want to ask you to post something here to let us all know what you do to take care of yourself. Please be respectful with your comments. Some people need ideas from others so that they can learn that others too are taking care of themselves while working hard, but having fun!

What do you do for fun???