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Thank you for logging on to yet enjoy more "reading", you are truly an adult student when you have logged on to read more reading on top of everything else your college or university throws at you. Here I am hopeful that we will be able to help alleviate some of the stress you will incur or are in the midst of currently. This is a place where those furthering their academic careers may come and chat with each other - almost like getting away to a nice cafe'. So, grab a cup of your favorite drink and let's just chat about things that go on in our lives as adult learners who are students. We Rock!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Time Management

Okay ADLs, listen, many of your are working so diligently trying to accomplish your academic goals. One thing I find with many ADLs is that they wait until the last minute to research and write their course final paper(s). Time management is something that every student must take into account. Studying, researching, and writing takes a lot of time, energy and thought. With that said, I am hopeful that you are also utilizing critical thinking skills as well. Think about creating a time-line for each class according to your class responsibilities. Use the syllabus to determine how much time you should spend each week working on your paper. Rule of thumb, start working on your paper at least two to three weeks in advance before the due date. This will aide you in avoiding the unwanted stress and anxiety that hovers over students during last minute crunch time. Plus, it is only fair that you are in a positive mental state for yourself and family while working on your education. Eventually I will discuss the pros and cons of going back to college and why people divorce or separate when ADLs return to college. In the meantime, set some timely goals to be efficient in completing your coursework and less stressed! Read time management books, search the Internet for other tools that can aide you on your successful academic venture. Take Care, see you again soon.

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